Our planet is changing... in little ways you might not notice, and in big ways that affect the way we live. Since our planet was created, it has always been changing: in fact it was once covered with ice! What's different now is people are causing the planet to change in ways that make it less livable for us as well as the plants and animals we share it with.

You can help the planet change for the better.

More than 20 singers and actors join together in the songs and stories of My Changing Planet, making it fun to learn how to protect the Earth.

  • Dance to tunes like No Te Creo
  • Get inspired to save animal habitats with Penguin Petition
  • Beat-box to The Earth is Not a Ball
  • Think about how to create less trash with Garbage

Enjoy the music, explore the activities and discover how you can lead our planet to a bright and beautiful future.

100% of net profits from all music sales go to The Nature Conservancy
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